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Товарищ госзаказ

Ассоциация менеджеров России (АРМ) и ИД "Коммерсантъ" представляют ежегодный, 15-й, то есть юбилейный, рейтинг "Топ-1000 ведущих менеджеров России". 



Sanctions Create Opportunities as Well as Obstacles

Staffwell CEO Teri Lindeberg said employees understand that ruble devaluation is a market-wide problem and specific to their employer. Foreign exchange volatility is less of a problem for employers. 

Maxim Kaurov, Staffwell Executive Director, specializing in oil and gas, energy and industrial, confirms that the oil and gas industry is still hiring. Russian oil and gas companies will create their own oilfield divisions or affiliates, replacing western players, and this will create new vacancies.

The Moscow Times, "Jobs & Careers", Fall issue 2014


Making Perfect

What can you say about communications within the company/you department?  

Building and maintaining good communications is very important for our success.This, I found out, was a great question as it really pin-pointed where we are strong and who was strong in communications, and where we had opportunities for improvement.

Teri Lideberg, Staffwell founder & CEO for Capital Ideas


Петербургский рынок труда почувствовал кризис

Компании реже повышают сотрудникам зарплату и оптимизируют штат. 

В основном сокращения происходят в сфере производства. Так, в начале октября финская Valio объявила, что уволит 210 офисных сотрудников в Петербурге, Москве и регионах в связи с изменением рыночной ситуации и снижением объемов продаж. По словам гендиректора Staffwell в Петербурге Елены Колковой, в крупных российских производственных компаниях, наоборот, все в порядке и проводится набор сотрудников.



Manufacturers Set to Fare Better Amid Sanctions

In the broader economy, most hiring being done this year is key hiring for important roles, either as a replacement or for new positions or growth, said Teri Lindeberg, CEO of recruitment firm Staffwell. "This particular type of hiring is still seeing, at times, up to a 20 percent increase in compensation".

The Moscow Times

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